What’s Next? Seek it, Commit to it, Embrace it…

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AMSI’s goal is to transform the lives of students by helping them embrace accountability, self-reliance and teamwork in their daily lives. It is from this belief that our second conference came to be, but this time, it targeted the young men at AMSI schools. The forum aimed to educate the students on how to prepare for their colleges and careers and how to face the challenges that come their way.

Our alumnus from the class of 1993, Arif Amiri, CEO of Dubai International Financial Centre Authority and keynote speaker of this event, gave a motivational speech about his journey to success.

To help students select a career that will contribute to the betterment of the UAE, students watched a presentation about the outlook of Dubai for 2021. The objective was to help students recognize how they can realize this vision and make wise college and career choices.

Three panel discussions took place to address issues that young men face today. Having listened to the experiences of our alumni as they strove to achieve success confirmed the ideal that one cannot give up despite the obstacles. 

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