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June 2014 Issue
AMSI Elissar Nasr
June always arrives with so much to celebrate yet somehow it is bittersweet…They came to us in September, eyes sparkling in KG, energy bursting in elementary, confidence booming soon after that, and a sense of knowing unraveling in the upper grades…9 months after the first day, they would discover a new world, achieve new milestones, embrace their differences, and on one special night, those of them who started in September with so much anticipation for their final year with us, our class of 2014…they wowed us at graduation, igniting mixed feelings of joy to see them move on, and sadness to watch them walk away…

alumni reunion class of 2004

AMSI Alumni

To the Class of 2004... Seeing your warm faces, hearing your unforgettable laughs...
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road safety

Road Safety

With over 60% of road traffic injuries affecting young drivers, the need to teach children about basic road safety is crucial...

isas 2014 multicultural day

ISAS Multicultural

ISAS organized and hosted an annual Multicultural Day for all students, parents and teachers...

Sports Day

Sports Day

Sports are taken very seriously at all AMSI schools. We like to push our students to learn the fundamentals of sports…

Sharakah 2014

Sharakah Sports

The Sharakah Sports Festival is an event for students in different schools to compete at AUS...

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