ISAS Pre-engineering students discover the architectural uniqueness of the Infinity Tower

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Image As part of its commitment to motivate students academically and inspire leadership, the International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) has teamed up with Cayan Real Estate Investment & Development, the developer of the dazzling Infinity Tower in Dubai, to give ISAS pre-engineering students a real-life learning experience about the nature and significance of engineering and architecture and their impact on society.

The visit was organized by Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI), the management institution of ISAS, as part of the Preparatory Courses Program (PCP) offered at the school with just the right combination of theory, practice and field experience to provoke their minds and stimulate their ambition. “Going through the preparatory courses, students learn about the future work environment, get a chance to use the equipment related to the field and carry out practical work before joining college. This experience coupled with research sets the students on the right track when applying to colleges and provides them with much needed guidance.” said Muhieddine Soubra, Principal at ISAS.

Aspiring engineering students were taken on an exclusive tour of the spiraling Infinity Tower, the world's tallest high-rise building with a 90 degree twist, to educate them on the unconventional engineering challenges this structure has overcome. The tour provided an opportunity of value for the students who were guided around the Infinity Tower site by qualified engineers “When schools and the community come together in this manner we are able to offer the best learning experiences to our children.” said Alissar Nasr CAO of AMSI. “The Infinity Tower is a marvel of modern engineering and the visit provided our students with a window to the real world which they don't get to experience in the classroom. It is more inspirational and they retain it in their memories forever.” The tower’s distinctive design was the work of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, also responsible for the Burj Khalifa, and Dr. Montasser H. El-Raie PhD. S.P.E., Sr. Res. Eng – Khatib & Alami, Infinity project consultant, described the challenges Cayan came across in executing this modern wonder of architecture: “Standing at 330 meters, 80 stories, and with a complete 90-degree twist, the Infinity Tower creates enormous engineering challenges that usually never exist in common conventional tall structures. To find viable and safe solutions to execute such a design, engineers had to resort to advanced technologies and unconventional engineering theories and practices. For instance, where columns are usually the only structural element capable of transferring vertical load to the foundation and, eventually, to the ground, Infinity uses horizontal elements such as perimeter beams to perform that function.”

The students expressed how excited and motivated they felt following the tour. Suleiman Haddad, a Gr12 student at ISAS said“…This visit has helped in enriching our school work by providing us with the opportunity to view first-hand how the theories we learn at school can be used to create amazing structures. The discussions with the engineers were very informative and gave us more confidence and enabled us to make better decisions about our future careers...”

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