School Management


The AMSI School Management System is the essence of AMSI's managerial services, as it functions as the backbone of the school's administrative operations and supports the statistical evaluation of day to day performance.  From admission and registration, through special lesson planning and corresponding invoicing structures, through the budgeting, costing, HR, payment, ordering, asset management and other standard features, the AMSI School Management System is a total school management solution. 

The package is modulated to include the following integrated systems, which are deployed along with a whole set of organizational structures, policies and procedures that correspond with the electronic workflow of activities:
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In addition to the above applications, the system incorporates and integrates with the following ICT modules.  These modules are embedded within the students' everyday learning process and add value to the school's day-to-day operations and internal communication: 

CAMPUS - Student Information System: 
CAMPUS is a tailored software that acts as a repository for student information and a centralized tool for facilitating every possible student service and daily academic chore.  The school's registrar uses CAMPUS to process all the forms required for registering and transferring students, as well as generating documents required by the Ministry of Education, such as student lists, certificates, transcripts, and reports.  Teachers and principals use the system to record information about the students, including grades, conduct, attendance, intensive course requirements, teacher reviews, course descriptions, and class notes.  The system also helps teachers in tracking students' academic performance, distributing students across classes and sections, and generating instant schedules and reports which can be printed, emailed, or sent via SMS as a notification for parents.  Finally, the system serves as a platform for all student archives and academic records, enhanced by tools that facilitate quick access and retrieval.
Online Services:

To create further capabilities and synergy, AMSI provides a web-portal view of the school's systems for the inclusion of students and parents through access-controlled, web-based applications that open a direct link between them and the school.  Combining functions and features from every school application, an interactive website is developed to offer the following services:

AMSI School Principal
On top of deploying the School Management System, an AMSI School Principal is appointed to manage the school.  The Principal's main role would be to oversee all functions relating to the school’s operations, and to ensure that the partner school adheres to the highest levels of education standards, keeping in line with AMSI’s vision and mission as an internationally recognized education provider.  The AMSI Principal would also provide ongoing guidance and support in all areas of school operations, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
Added Value
The centralization and overarching alignment of AMSI's management services is an added value for every AMSI-managed school.  The following areas of school operations are directly managed and controlled by AMSI, with minor support required at the school level:

Handling all these operations at corporate level saves the school a significant amount of time, costs, and resources by simply eliminating the duplication of effort and the wasting of valuable resources dedicated to solve the same problems that were already solved and sealed in other schools.