The only exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching... The only exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching... Aristotle

Integrated ICT Services

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The ICT integration process at AMSI includes a comprehensive software and hardware synergy that binds multiple solutions together at academic, operational and managerial capacities.

Starting with a student enrolling into a school, through the procurement processes and the creation of inventory tracking and asset management, and ultimately the implementation of E-learning curricula in a classroom and the linking of the required databases, our ICT integration aspects allow for the seamless flow of operations and diligent supervision of these processes, while adhering to the highest codes of quality implementation.
With such a capability at hand, the possibilities for further development and advancement using technology are limitless.
Academic-Integrated ICT Solutions
As an extension of AMSI's Consultancy Services, AMSI offers specific ICT solutions that are developed and customized to serve academic processes in a seamless and highly advanced technological context.  These solutions are modules that can be be deployed on a stand-alone basis, or can be integrated within the AMSI School Management System platform.
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Document Management Solution:
At the heart of AMSI’s education portfolio is the Document Management Solution.  A joint collaboration of AMSI and Xerox technology, this platform offers a tremendous capability to any school in the area of publishing and printing.
Such an asset caters for all fields within an education environment:
  • Academic resources:  such as books and exams.
  • Administrational requirements:  such as newsletters or internal organization documents.
  • Extra curricula printing:  such as a club's annual booklet, flyers, or student chronicles.
  • General publications:  such as brochures, photos, press releases or promotional material showcasing the school’s achievements and feats.
This comprehensive solution provides a one-stop shop that allows a school the ability to print and document at its own pace, tailoring its material to its own specific needs whilst maintaining a high level of print quality.  In doing so, this enables complete control without compromising on flexibility for the user.
Through its advanced software and design, AMSI’s Document Management Solution is integrated into the rest of a school’s operations to allow for a seamless process.  From the moment a student registers, they are allotted with the appropriate text books and printed materials.  Exam print jobs, which usually require days to print, sort, collate and distribute, are completed within minutes using intelligent software and machines that tailor, print and package the exams as per the academic department's request.  In addition to increasing efficiency and minimizing human error, this helps the school in maintaining a high level of confidentiality by allowing it to print exams minutes before the examination session starts.
The significant financial benefits for any school, with more than 1,000 students, employing AMSI’s Document Management Solution makes such a system highly attractive and practical.  In addition to reducing turn-around times associated with outsourcing, this on-demand capacity empowers a school to cut costs associated with stockpiling and to uphold the integrity and security of its printed material. 
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Notebooks for Books (N4B): 
This solution transforms the traditional learning environment into a state-of-the-art, interactive, multimedia learning center that is conducive for creativity and innovation.  At the high school level, students carry notebook computers that are loaded with a digitized curriculum that is connected to a centralized network.  The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards that capture and transmit real-time data to the students' laptops, a wireless network that allows students and teachers to share information dynamically during the lesson, group control software that allows the teachers to monitor their students' work in the classroom, and an online data library with ample resources that is available for teachers and students to access and use.  Such an advanced environment helps make the learning experience more thrilling and captivating and heightens the students' academic performance.
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i-LEARN - Self-Paced Learning:
On the pedagogical aspect of teaching ICT at high school level, AMSI has developed an innovative solution that remedies the imbalance in student knowledge attainment in computer subjects.  By dividing each unit into smaller lessons to allow learning in small 'chunks', students of different achievement levels can co-work in the same courses without affecting each other's performance.  For details on this application, see Appendix: Supplement B - Self-Paced Learning.
In the area of students’ literary and personal development, AMSI has innovated an interactive, web-based magazine that encourages students’ contributions and creativity.  Catering to students from Grade 1 – 12, the e-magazine is designed to support online article submissions, automatic approval/rejection notifications, teacher comments and suggestions, online editing, and finally posting the articles on a user-friendly interface.  Enhanced with student photos and animated graphics, article commenting features, searching tools, and archiving capabilities, the e-magazine is convenient and easy to use.  More importantly, it saves a significant amount of time and costs associated with conventional methods of magazine editing, printing, and distribution.
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