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TurnKey Projects

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In collaboration with leading architectural and engineering design houses, and through strategic alliances with multi-national consultants and suppliers, AMSI's  turnkey school solution stands as a complete and comprehensive package for establishing and managing a K-12 school. 

This model includes:

  • Feasibility Study to confirm the sustainability of the proposed project.
  • Architectural drawings and designs tailored to suit the individuality of the investor and the heritage of the region.
  • Supervision of contractors and constructional works.
  • Operations and Commissioning: Launching of all pre-operational activities, including staff recruitment and training, procurement of assets, furnishing and equipping, installation of systems, advertising campaign, licensing, insurance, academic and administrative preparation.
  • School opening and ongoing management by AMSI.
Feasibility Study Feasibility Study
School Design & Architecture School Design & Architecture
Recruitment & Training Recruitment & Training
Supervision & Monitoring Supervision & Monitoring

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