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Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

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AMSI also has the capacity to support governments in education reform programs through PPP projects
that aim to improve the organizational efficiency of public schools as well raise student performance. This
is achieved through regulatory frameworks and infrastructure development, coaching of key personnel in
the school as well as the rigorous monitoring of staff against key agreed targets.
Through long-term contract arrangements with government authorities (typically 3 years and above),
AMSI is able to assist government schools to raise standards, improve the quality of teaching and
learning, modernize teaching pedagogy and improve overall school administration.

AMSI's PPP projects are geared to help local principals and school leaders to develop strategic directions for
their schools. Using coaching, modeling, team-teaching, mentoring and other innovative methods, the
company delivers systematic programs of education reform that include:
  • Development of high level education strategy
  • School improvement and capacity building
  • Policy development and school self-review
  • School inspection and evaluation
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Assessment and data management
  • Training and professional development for teachers and staff
  • Financial management and leadership training
  • Governance training
Source: psdtuts.com Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
Source: psdtuts.com Partnerships & Alliances

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