The only exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching... The only exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching... Aristotle

Creative Learning Methods

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We live in an era of increased world wide tension and educational approaches that lean on “one size fits all” theories. At AMSI, we realize that training youths/children on skills in conflict resolution, critical and creative thinking, mastery of subject, inquiry-based learning, and raw caring is essential to producing teachers and students who are ready to cater to an ever-changing and demanding world.

As educators, we all agree that children learn best by doing. This simple belief is rarely translated into classroom action and at AMSI, we believe that teachers have to adopt learning methods that embrace this concept and affirm its application.

We all remember special teachers who impacted our time in school and made a difference in our lives. The factors that paved the way for this influence, besides the obvious mastery of the subject, often originated from the heart more than the mind. Teachers who projected an aura of genuine care and who connected with their students through the heart were the ones who left profound marks on their lives.

At AMSI, we believe that memorable teachers like this are essential to the learning process in our schools; therefore we pledged to provide them with all the resources needed to attain this status and deliver their material in the most creative atmosphere possible.

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