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Campus is the result of a collaborative effort between AMSI & Interconnect. It is not a school management or data based sortingapplication. It is not a tool for current requirements. It is a total and complete integration of every possible service and daily academic chore and the corresponding reporting application.

We took the individualized day to day requirements and simulated the events of every day. We then created a model of application that allows for total and complete enhancement and adaptation. We applied the model repeatedly and enhanced it after the feedback we received until the academicians declared they were satisfied. We reshaped the model and radically enhanced it with technology flavors and statistical reporting. From the ease of use of its multiple applications, to its adaptability and multitasking capabilities through its superior reporting features and simplicity in editing and adaptation, Campus is the ultimate tool for any school administrator.
The accounts package adapts to the Campus database and draws its information directly from it. It is the backbone of the financial application and supports the statistical evaluation of the operation. The package is modulated and allows the individual and personalized integration of financial and accounting models. From registration through special lesson
planning and corresponding invoicing structures through the budgeting, costing, HR, payment, invoicing, ordering, asset management and other standard features, the accounts package is a total management solution. Web portal view of the Campus and the inclusion of the students and parents in web based application combine to create a further synergy.
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