Monday 101’s

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AMSIVoice Monday101s

Monday 101’s is an initiative that gives students a chance to learn and incorporate particular skills as well as gain insight into certain industries/fields that they plan to pursue in the future. As the name suggests, Monday 101’s are conducted on Mondays and enable students to take part in different workshops. They are conducted by fellow AMSI alumni who volunteered their time to ensure students gain that valuable skill or insight into a particular field. These workshops take place in Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud, Al Mawakeb Al Barsha, and ISAS.

30 January 2017, ISAS, Dubai, UAE
AMSIVoice Monday101s isas
17 April 2017, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
AMSIVoice Monday101s barsha
8 May 2017, Al Garhoud, Dubai, UAE
AMSIVoice Monday101s garhoud

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